Service Contracts

Through close relationships with our commercial customers we have designed a service based ofering. We aim to provide transparent prices combined with a bi annual inspection program designed to help mitigate the risk of unplanned and emergency maintenance.

Our contracts are structured around


Clear consistant prices

We appreciate that when running a business that cost certainty a a major plus. We state our prices clearly at the outset of the contract and we don't change them. There are no hidden extra callout charges. No matter which one of our services you require you will only pay the agreed rate.

Capability and capactiy to deal with your needs 

There is nothing more frustrating when trying to run a business than a maintenance issue causing disruption. We clearly set out in our service contract SLAs regarding callout times. We can, either directly or through our trusted partner network, quickly and efficiently deal with the majority of maintence issues boith planed and emergency.



A desire to save you disruption and money

Experience has taught us and our customers that prevention is much less costly than cure and potential problems identified and treated early are one of the best ways to reduce your maintenance overhead. Our service contract includes a bi-annual inspection of your premises including drainage, heating systems including boilers and radiators, kitchens snd  bathrooms.
After each inspection we will provide you a report detailing any recommendations and work with you to create a maintenance schedule wihch works for you.


 Below is a summary of the price and service sections of a current service contract. This company has around 100 empolyees based in Huddersfield. The pricing below is based on a 3 year contract.


  • Bi - Annual inspection covering, heating, toilets, kitchen, outside drainage and guttering, showers and bathrooms
  • Inspection report consultation and planning meeting 1 per quarter
  • Property maintenance consultation and advice by phone / email
  • Set price services

Additional Services

  • Out of hours call out charge waiver 
  • Higher level attendance SLA (24 hours non emergency, 8 hours emergency)
  • Multi site


  • £25 per hour standard rate (37.5% discount on normal call out rates)
  • £50 per month including £5 per month out of hours cover, £5 per month Higher level attendance, £5 month multi site cover and £35 per month standard charge